The Quintet Tango team is super proud to announce that our website is finally back.

We’ve been crazy busy with the team in the past two years and completely let this thing go, but it’s once again a huge priority of ours.

There are a lot of changes, however. The project is less and less about ourselves and more about what we’re passionate about, which is music, dance, and education.

So now we’re pouring dozens of man hours every month to create epic content for you guys to read and consume. Hopefully, we’re able to take some of our expertise and pass it down to you.

For now, these are all hypotheses though. We’ll see a few months from now where the project ends up, we are open to anything to be completely honest.

If you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to hit any of our team members up through the contact page.

We’re all dedicated to this blog.